Saturday, April 12, 2008


why do i keep writing on/being so interested in egyptian strikes?
i donno, but if i think about it, i can find a few reasons... for exemple:
1. emotional reasons:
  • i love this country, its people and its culture;
  • i know cairo better than rome;
  • i've had a great time every time i went there;
  • the two most important guys of my life (till now) were egyptians.
2. sociological/historical reasons:
  • egypt is the archetype of arab world: a big countrywith a long history to be proud of, but an uncertain future. then, if a pacific revolution will be possible in egypt, it means that all the arab people can stand up against their government and fight for their rights;
  • egypt is a country where, in the past few years, a great civil society movement has developed: human rights activists, bloggers, talented youth are all creating and developing projects to rise political awareness among the new generation, so i want to learn something from their experience.
3. comparative reasons:
i find a big amount of similarities between egypt and italy (that's why i also feel half egyptian ;-P). for instance:
  • we both have a proud long history of domination over the mediterranean area that make us wonder on the low standars of living we reached in the present days: we are threatened between being the past pharaons and emperors before and our present situation of instability, deprivation and decay;
  • we have common ancestors, so we are almost the same family on two different shores of a lake: cleopatra & marco antonio. or (as my friend mashraheya's dad told me once) sophia loren & omar sharif ;-)
  • we both have corrupted governments which are just looking for international recognition as democracies, but do not hesitate to menace, arrest and shoot their own citizens (for the italian chapter, see G8 Genova 2001 - i was there);
  • there is nothing interesting going on in italy in this moment.

oh, yes, i remeber! there are presidential elections tomorrow...

same shit as usual, then!

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