Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My favourite advertising campaign in the UAE...

... pity it's not us who designed it!

i don't know for what the campaign is, but it's g-e-n-i-a-l!

Rosicare? Io?

just a news for whom thinks that i live in the desert surrounded by beduins. ehi! that is true! ok, rewind... just a news to show you how megalomaniac they are in this place. and to eat our hearts out thinking that we'll be forever condemned to fly with alitalia (if it will still exist tomorrow... you never know...).

this post is dedicated to my great-aunt who, when i explained to her that i was going to work to dubai, told me: "please, don't go there! don't go among the niggers... you know that africa is full of diseases." i tried to explain that i was not going to africa, that also when i've been to africa i've had no problems with anyone and i've got no diseases, that you don't call people niggers and that by the way in the emirates they are arabs not africans... but nothing. it was like a broken record... you know, when it jams and repeats always the same stuff: "don'tgotoafrica!don'tgotoafdon'tgodon'tdondon" (ok, you got the idea!)
so, what happened is that, when my mother came to visit me end of april, she took many pictures of abu dhabi and dubai and she sent me an e-mail saying that she showed the photos she took to my great-aunt, who said: "wow! so, in africa they are not poor. they have money! look at the buildings, they are ahead of us!" (imagine this said with the trembling voice of an 85 years old lady and of course a very heavy italian accent... i swear i was laughing my ass off thinking about my mom who had to take an atlas and show her what the arabian peninsula is!).
so: zia giovannina, this is for you sis! peace!

Emirates Airline launches its new A380 superjumbos: the first commercial flight will be dubai - new york on friday. the emirates A380s will have 14 first class seats, 76 business class seat, 399 economy class seats and will be served by 24 cabin crew. till now, nothing really special...
so listen to this: the A380 is a double-decker aircraft and the top deck is reserved for first class passengers only, with 14 flat-bed, massage-equipped private suites. remote-controlled doors, a work desk and an electrically controlled mini-bar are among the amenities that wealthy flyers can use during the flight. BUT the first class feature the airline is most eager to show off is its onboard shower spa (so after having sex in the plane passengers can easily get rid of all the evidences of their acts - especially useful for the muslim ablutions...): these are "two fully equipped bathrooms" in its first class cabins complete with shower facilities. for the first class passengers, there is also a social area and a bar at the front of the upper deck!
in business class passengers will have to settle for an onboard lounge in their cabin "designed to make passengers feel like they are in their own executive club" with "a cleverly designed table that never gets in your way, a seat that slickly becomes a fully-flat bed and laptop stowage for when you want to switch from work to fun".
and those "miserables" in economy class? oh, they will have more leg room. plus an "advanced mood lighting system". and wider aisles. more generous seats. ah, and "gourmet chef-prepared meals"!

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, PLEASE buy alitalia, the italian national bus line!
oh yes, if i remember well, he was the one who said he would not buy alitalia because he only buys successful companies...

by the way, in a few days i have to book my ticket to go back to italy for my vacation... there are 57 new superjumbos on the way: bet not even one will fly to milan or rome. shit!

Musica maestro!

i hear that for the first time in 30 years, a western singer will play in iran: it's de burgh!

Chris De Burgh will stage a concert in Tehran with an Iranian band in late November, the first such concert in the country in nearly 30 years, an Iranian satellite news channel has reported.
De Burgh, who has a loyal following in Iran, visited the Country for the first time in May and said he hoped the authorities would give him permission to perform.
The singer will perform with Iranian band Arian. The concert will be the first time since the 1979 revolution that an Iranian pop band played alongside a Western singer inside Iran."

wow! such an historical occasion and they invite who? chris de burgh!
at least they could invite someone slightly more famous... like... mumble mumble... my cousin!
or, they could invite a big shot... mmmhhh... bruce springsteen for example!
i can already imagine the smoke machine and the fireworks while he sings "booorn in the usaaaa! boooooorn in the usaaaaaaa!" (or maybe he should sing "booorn in the big sataaaaan!" ???).

reading advices on iran:
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi (originally in french, available in english and italian under the same title);
Lipstick Jihad by Azadeh Moaveni (originally in english, published in italian under the same title);
Chador by Lilli Gruber (original in italian - BUR 2005);
Salam, maman by Hamid Ziarati (warmly suggested! original in italian - Einaudi 2006).

i guess that Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi should be good too, but i've never read it... to put on the list, urgently!

p.s.: the grammatical errors in the article are kindly offered by 7Days' staff!

Habemus post!

ora, dato che:
1. in questi giorni lavoro come una pazza visto che la mia boss e' in vacanza (beata lei!) fino a ferragosto;
2. questa mattina ho fatto piu' del mio dovere quotidiano (nonostante sia arrivata, come al solito, in ritardo);
3. domani sara' festa (laylat al mir'aj) e di venerdi' non si lavora - e sabato ci sara' il consueto meeting con i capi + incontro con un potenziale "fornitore"

ho deciso di prendermi un pomeriggio sabbatico e scrivere qualcosa.

ma prima ringrazio Wil e contraccambio i saluti!

che il postaggio abbia inizio!