Thursday, June 19, 2008

L'Italia s'e' desta!

yes! yesss! yesssssss! i said i was confident... omg! happy for italy, but it was a nightmare finding a place to watch the match on tuesday. is it possible that every "sports bar" in abu dhabi has a band playing while football supporters are having a stroke because of penalties, red cards, injures and whatever else the god of football (and i'm not talking about maradona) plans to keep them entertained? ok, we were supposed to go to Hemingway's at Hilton, but the table they reserved for us was in the no-smoking area and, more important since we mentioned that we were going there to watch the match, the tv was out of sight... and it took something like 5 phone calls to find Hemingwat's, so we thought it really was the last chance. luckily that R. knew another place, so in the end we watched it at a coffee shop in Marina Mall. and it has been nice: a long table of lebanese, emiratis, egyptians and one lonely italian who made the other tables going nuts with our screams (during the break, someone told N.: i hope your team will lose! whaaaaat? ahahah in the end italy won and we were all happy - except A. who is for france - and completely sober - no alcohol allowed out of the big hotels... not even a non-alcoholic beer sigh! sigh!) ok, zuc the magician said it from the beginning: italians need to be in serious danger before they do anything. how true! p.s.: usually i don't like football, but being an expat let all the evil hidden inside you come out... i promise that after the euro cup i stop writing this kind of posts. oh, i have something to say about italian politics... but for the moment... fratelli d'italia l'italia s'e' desta!