Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

nupe, it will not be Nancy Ajram (as a kind of Arab Marilyn Monroe, if you let my comparison pass...) to sing with her persuasive voice "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak on his 80th birthday on May 4, 2008.

the most unusual (yet not unexpected after 25 years of despotic regime) gift for the Egyptian Sphinx comes from Egyptian web activists, who have launched new mass street protests on the same day to commemorate his birthday.

opposition to President Mubarak has been growing lately with rising prices and stagnating wages adding to public discontent.
"The credibility, legitimacy and the grip of the regime are eroding" said Ibrahim Issa, editor of the independent daily newspaper Al-Dostur, to Reuter.
actually my favourite quote is one from Abdel Wahab el-Messery, an organizer of kefaya movement, who told The New York Times: "The element of fear is there. The people are afraid of the government, but the government is as afraid of the people." (damn if it's true!)

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