Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Italian miseries. Pardon, Italian ministers!

in the past few days i spent a lot of time on the net to find out the composition of the new italian government.
i already got some hints from my friend Mongi, but after our chat i was totally curious to see how low we could go...

and here's the result:

- undersecretary of the government: gianni letta (versione italiana)
- minister without portfolio of country/regions relations: raffaele fitto (since the link is in italian i allow my poor english to give you some information on the new minister: born in 1969, he started being interested in politics very young, following the steps of his late father, a former governor of Puglia region and a representative of the catholic-inspired party democrazia cristiana. raffaele fitto became the youngest governor in the history of italy, when in 2000, at 31, he was elected governor of Puglia region. he has also been elected deputy for the right-wing party forza italia at the italian and european parliaments. he has been -and still is- under investigation for crimes linked to corruption, embezzlement and illegal financing to political parties.)

- minister without portfolio of the implementetion of governmental program: gianfranco rotondi (versione italiana)
- minister without portfolio of public administration and innovation: renato brunetta (versione italiana)

- minister without portfolio of equal opportunity: mara carfagna (versione italiana)
- minister without portfolio of EU community politics: andrea ronchi (also in this case there are no records in english language, but i will tell you that andrea ronchi was born in 1955 and he has been one of the founders of the far right-wing party alleanza nazionale. but there is not much more to say...)
- minister without portfolio of government/parliament relations: elio vito (a former deputy in the italian parliament for the radical party, in 1996 he changed and turned to forza italia and be elected in the parliament 4 more times for the right-wing coalition.)
- minister without portfolio of federal reforms: umberto bossi (versione italiana: this is the most dramatic one. how can someone who said "i poo on the italian flag" be appointed as a minister? more than italian minister i would say italian misery...)
- minister without portfolio of youth politics (il ministro dei GGIÒVANI): giorgia meloni (born in 1977, she started to be engaged in politics when she was 15 with azione giovani, the youth organization which refers to the far right-wing party alleanza nazionale. she is the one who declared that when she started with politics she first went for the left-wing youth organization, but she found that they were "intolerant to diversities". aaaahhh! it's nice to hear that people asking for an improvement of life conditions for immigrants, homosexuals and any other kind of minorities are more "intolerant to diversities" than who goes out in the street to beat, stab, burn and/or kill these minorities. )
- minister without portfolio of legislative simplification: roberto calderoli (versione italiana)
- minister of foreign affairs: franco frattini (versione italiana)
- minister of interiors: roberto maroni (versione italiana)

- minister of justice: angelino alfano: the unknown (versione italiana)
- minister of economy and finance: giulio tremonti (versione italiana)
- minister of productive activities: claudio scajola (versione italiana: the one who gave permission to shoot on demonstrators against the G8 summit in Genova in July 2001)
- minister of education, university and research: mariastella gelmini ("Carneade, chi era costui?" nothing to say about her. she is so unknown i even don't know who she is...)
- minister of labour, health and social politics: maurizio sacconi (a former socialist who, after the political cyclone which struck the italian socialist party in the early '90s, turned to forza italia. he held many technical offices for the italian government and the ILO (International Labour Organization) in Geneve.)
- minister of defence: ignazio la russa: there are no words to describe someone whose middle name is benito and whose father was a senator for the fascist party movimento sociale italiano. but you can still check his blog (i'm sorry, it's only for lucky people speaking italian!)
- minister of infrastructures and transportation: altero matteoli (versione italiana)
- minister of agriculture: luca zaia (versione italiana: a man of few words as you can see through his website : fantastic!)
- minister of environment and preservation of territory and sea: stefania prestigiacomo (why god gave her the gift of speech? why the all almighty didn't made her mute? sooo annoying...)
- minister of cultural assets and activities: sandro bondi: berlusconi's housemaid and/or the poet (i feel sorry for whom cannot speak italian and enjoy bondi's poems on vanity fair: a mix of words put in a blender a wrote by a monkey in the same order they came out from the blender...). in the early '90s he has been a leader of the italian communist party in Tuscany and a major of his own native village for the same party. how do you say voltagabbana in english?

first of all i would like to know who chose the names of the ministries? the same monkey who writes bondi's poems?
and second, of course the ministers have all been appointed for their inner knowledge and skills...
thirdly: nice to see that the profession of many of them is "politico" (politician): for sure it means they never worked in their life.

povera italia.