Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pretty Little Mistakes

i tried to post this on wednesday, but i donno whay it failed...

yesterday evening i've read a book on my life.
(ok, this was just a little way to catch your attention and look important...)

but i've read a book on my future yesterday: i mean, how my future could be if i was an american 18 years old and if i would have done certain choices in my life.
there it goes: you start deciding if you go to college or if you take a gap year and then you go on taking decisions for the entire book (does any of my fellow italians remember the "storie a bivi" on topolino - mickey mouse magazine ? i used to love them...) and of course every decision give a different end to your life.
so, i (of course) chose to travel to europe (rome rather than london...) and this is hw my life ended up to be (not bad at all...):
1. i traveled the world (and when i say "the world", i mean it) working on a ship together with my husband (an engineer i've met and married on the ship) and i died after many years in bali, choked by the food i was eating in the restaurant. i reincarnated 24 hours later as a female bald eagle sharing the nest with my soul mate of all my previous lives.
as i told you, not bad at all... i like this ending, especially the part on the soul mate ;-)

i could stop there, but i liked the book (despite the huge number of italian misspelling...) AND, above all, i'm curious (a curious cat), so i checked other possible destinies and here is what life would have had i store for me...

2. after being an internationally recognized star of a naked ice-skating number for a german circus i traveled the world with, i retired with my german husband in a stone cottage outside prague, where eventually my daughter and grandaughter will move. i died of a stroke in my 80s and i didn't go to heaven (the official reason was not to upset fans of anna frank - whom i used to play on my naked number).

3. after being left on the altar by my italian fiancé filippo (maybe that's why i don't want an italian guy... ops, i forgot it really happened with the egyptian one!) and found out that he was going to marry the girl with whom he cheated on me for several years without me even noticing, i met and was adopted in venice by a group of crazy nuns who beat filippo to death in front of his lover's family while i was having a miscarriage right in the middle of the street. when i recovered i joined the nuns' sect domini patri and i have been trained as a killer by them. in 36 years of honest career i've poisoned, stab, smothered, choke and shot 700 men and 2 women, all enemies of women's rights and against abortion. i died on the yacht of the duchess of york (also a member of domini patri) when she shot me from behind. in heaven they would let me in because, in my own way, i never stopped trying to make the world a better place. "It's the couch potatoes who all get french-fried down in hell, because even though they weren't out committing sins, they weren't out committing anything. They just couldn't commit. it turns out that's the biggest sin there is." (Heather McElhatton - Pretty Little Mistakes)

4. i ended up living in florence, where i've been the revered maphia florist, with my daughter florian running her own restaurant, my italian husband massimo and my retired parents living with us. ah, and i loved my perfect life! ah number two, and i went to heaven!

5. after being the mistress of an italian sixty years old millionaire who just threw me off of his life and penthouse from one day to another (logistical divergences...), i worked in a very old shoes repairing workshop in florence and i learnt how to make shoes by myself. so i became a celebrated shoes designer and i traveled the world (even... dubai! oh my god, would you ever say that?!) until i settled up living in manhattan where i married wesley, a george cloneey lookalike real estate developer. we both died for a suicide bomber attack while we were dining out together at the restaurant.

now i shall say that, even the end #1 is my favourite, i like all the other four (ok, maybe i would never ice-skate naked impersonating anna frank... i can't ice-skate!) and i hope there will be a small part of all these adventures in my future (leave alone the suicide bomber, the domini patri and maphia eventually).

but for the moment: same shit under the emirati sun...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Job Offer (I'm serious...)

urgently need a dream expert to read the hidden meaning of my dreams.
if anyone knows, please contact me trough this blog.
this is a serious proposal. time-wasters abstain.



per favore se qualcuno capisce qualcosa, faccia capire anche me...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


a very good article on the situation in Lebanon from Middle East Report ---> here

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jihadist Marketing...

at the end of april, AP published the news that dr. ayman al-zawahiri (deputy CEO of al qaeda inc.) will soon answer via web the questions submitted on the future of his company...
waiting for his reply to your inquiries, you can read here some (funny) anticipations.

Una personcina perbene...

sempre riguardo alle elezioni (so che arrivo in ritardo, ma negli emirati si lavora, non si cazzeggia...), ecco un altro degli eletti nella mitika circoscrizione aBBruzzo:
marcello de angelis, eletto deputato nella lista di an-il popolo della liberta' (vigilata).
ex-attivista di terza posizione (gruppo di estrema destra attivo negli anni di piombo), ora e' giornalista, grafico, cantante ed autore dei testi per la band di "musica alternativa di destra"(???) 270 bis e, last but not least, deputato del parlamento italiano.

a questo punto torno sui miei passi e mi chiedo se sia meglio il "vecchio" franco marini o il "giovane" marcello de angelis...
ai posteri l'ardua sentenza.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Italian miseries. Pardon, Italian ministers!

in the past few days i spent a lot of time on the net to find out the composition of the new italian government.
i already got some hints from my friend Mongi, but after our chat i was totally curious to see how low we could go...

and here's the result:

- undersecretary of the government: gianni letta (versione italiana)
- minister without portfolio of country/regions relations: raffaele fitto (since the link is in italian i allow my poor english to give you some information on the new minister: born in 1969, he started being interested in politics very young, following the steps of his late father, a former governor of Puglia region and a representative of the catholic-inspired party democrazia cristiana. raffaele fitto became the youngest governor in the history of italy, when in 2000, at 31, he was elected governor of Puglia region. he has also been elected deputy for the right-wing party forza italia at the italian and european parliaments. he has been -and still is- under investigation for crimes linked to corruption, embezzlement and illegal financing to political parties.)

- minister without portfolio of the implementetion of governmental program: gianfranco rotondi (versione italiana)
- minister without portfolio of public administration and innovation: renato brunetta (versione italiana)

- minister without portfolio of equal opportunity: mara carfagna (versione italiana)
- minister without portfolio of EU community politics: andrea ronchi (also in this case there are no records in english language, but i will tell you that andrea ronchi was born in 1955 and he has been one of the founders of the far right-wing party alleanza nazionale. but there is not much more to say...)
- minister without portfolio of government/parliament relations: elio vito (a former deputy in the italian parliament for the radical party, in 1996 he changed and turned to forza italia and be elected in the parliament 4 more times for the right-wing coalition.)
- minister without portfolio of federal reforms: umberto bossi (versione italiana: this is the most dramatic one. how can someone who said "i poo on the italian flag" be appointed as a minister? more than italian minister i would say italian misery...)
- minister without portfolio of youth politics (il ministro dei GGIÒVANI): giorgia meloni (born in 1977, she started to be engaged in politics when she was 15 with azione giovani, the youth organization which refers to the far right-wing party alleanza nazionale. she is the one who declared that when she started with politics she first went for the left-wing youth organization, but she found that they were "intolerant to diversities". aaaahhh! it's nice to hear that people asking for an improvement of life conditions for immigrants, homosexuals and any other kind of minorities are more "intolerant to diversities" than who goes out in the street to beat, stab, burn and/or kill these minorities. )
- minister without portfolio of legislative simplification: roberto calderoli (versione italiana)
- minister of foreign affairs: franco frattini (versione italiana)
- minister of interiors: roberto maroni (versione italiana)

- minister of justice: angelino alfano: the unknown (versione italiana)
- minister of economy and finance: giulio tremonti (versione italiana)
- minister of productive activities: claudio scajola (versione italiana: the one who gave permission to shoot on demonstrators against the G8 summit in Genova in July 2001)
- minister of education, university and research: mariastella gelmini ("Carneade, chi era costui?" nothing to say about her. she is so unknown i even don't know who she is...)
- minister of labour, health and social politics: maurizio sacconi (a former socialist who, after the political cyclone which struck the italian socialist party in the early '90s, turned to forza italia. he held many technical offices for the italian government and the ILO (International Labour Organization) in Geneve.)
- minister of defence: ignazio la russa: there are no words to describe someone whose middle name is benito and whose father was a senator for the fascist party movimento sociale italiano. but you can still check his blog (i'm sorry, it's only for lucky people speaking italian!)
- minister of infrastructures and transportation: altero matteoli (versione italiana)
- minister of agriculture: luca zaia (versione italiana: a man of few words as you can see through his website : fantastic!)
- minister of environment and preservation of territory and sea: stefania prestigiacomo (why god gave her the gift of speech? why the all almighty didn't made her mute? sooo annoying...)
- minister of cultural assets and activities: sandro bondi: berlusconi's housemaid and/or the poet (i feel sorry for whom cannot speak italian and enjoy bondi's poems on vanity fair: a mix of words put in a blender a wrote by a monkey in the same order they came out from the blender...). in the early '90s he has been a leader of the italian communist party in Tuscany and a major of his own native village for the same party. how do you say voltagabbana in english?

first of all i would like to know who chose the names of the ministries? the same monkey who writes bondi's poems?
and second, of course the ministers have all been appointed for their inner knowledge and skills...
thirdly: nice to see that the profession of many of them is "politico" (politician): for sure it means they never worked in their life.

povera italia.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

happy birthday to me,

happy birthady to me,

happy birthday to claaauuuds,

haaaappy birthday tooo meeee!

what am i celebrating?

today is the first anniversary of living in abu dhabi cari miei...

"per non dimenticare", si dice in caso di disgrazie.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Li chiamavano "Diritti Umani"

ok, i've lost the sense of my speech.
in my previous post i was saying that i've gone to dubai last friday (shopping... don't forget i'm a woman!).
then, when it was time to come back from Deira City Centre (after 1h30m queueing for taxi...) and heading for the bus station in Bur Dubai, i was pretty afraid of the huge mass of people going back to abu dhabi i would find at the bus station. it was almost 10 p.m. already and i didn't want to wait for hours, lose the last bus and be forced to take an engaged taxi paying AED 200.
but in the bus station a miracle happened: there was a queue at the abu dhabi ticket window probably long 1 kilometre, i was wandering around looking for the place i could wait and suddenly a man came to me and asked me where i had to go... "Abu Dhabi? That side!" and, as a magic, he showed me the "Ladies Line"! so, here it is: on the buses there are ladies seats on the front, so women are not forced to sit close to men that they don't know (yes baby, it's called "segregated society"!), and to buy tickets there are special queues for ladies only (faster cause usually there are not so many women taking the bus...) so women are not forced to be in the line with men they are not related to. wonderful! i got my ticket in 1m30seconds and went to the bus stop. also there there were hundreds of men queueing, but the same guy came again close to me and my fellow females and told us to stay in the front cause we were going to take the bus first. so, some men rightly protested (i swear i would mind the queue for the ticket, but not for the bus): they were waiting since longer, so for me it was their right to enter first. but the guy of the bus station was not of my same opinion so he called another guy with a stick and he started beating these poor men like animals to make them shrink from the bus. after they secured all the women were sitting inside the bus and no men could sit near them, they allowed the poor men enter the bus and take their seats in the back.

i remember in my studies at the university i've read something about human rights... wonder! maybe the books i've used for my studies were soooo obsolete.

Emirates Life... simply

on friday i've been to dubai (shopping... don't forget i'm a woman!) and, as usual, i've been amazed/confused/disappointed/surprised/astonished/fed up by this city: every time that i go there i promise to myself that i'll not go again and then... you know, it's called coherence!
well, as everyone knows without having been there, dubai is a kind of open construction site, everything is under construction, under refurbishment, under demolition, under renovation, under under under, brief, skyscrapers of the strangest shapes, babel towers, kilometre-lenght towers, metro stations, bus stations, metro line, malls, submarine hotels, artificial archipels, up-in-the-sky-villas, revolving flats, concrete, steel, tar, bricks, marbles, and above all this feeling of total incompleteness.
and behind all those sparkles, behind the glitter of the new glamourous destination of the world, construction workers: Indians, Pakistani, Afghans, Bengali, Srilankan, Nepalese working 10 or 12 hours per day, under the burning sun (now the temperature is already around 45 Celsius degrees, with a rate of humidity equal to a choking and killing silk ropes of the Sikh described in Emilio Salgari's I Misteri della Giungla Nera), with few breaks, collected in a stinky bus without air conditiong (but a antique fan) which will drop them in the rooms where they live, sometimes 10 people in one room making shifts for sleeping. or sometimes they don't have a room and they just live in the street, with cardboard as a blanket, hidden in some side alleys or in the halls of old buildings ready to be replaced by the newest, biggest, tallest, brightest, most expensive something in the city of appearence. and the reason for them to undergo such kind of life (in the city which wants to set new standards of luxurious lifestyle in the world) is saving most of their salaries and send it home, in their countries hit by poverty, unemployment, natural disasters, civil wars, to their families torn by the lak of their men, their breadwinners. their salaries... 350 dirhams per month (about 60 euros). and they save. they save like crazy to give their families a better perspective. Nepalese are the ones who accept any kind of job: 1 dirhams is equal to around 22 Nepalese rupee, so they are the most exploited and rightless, they are the ones putting manure to make the flowers growing in the flower beds surrounding all the streets of this desert called a federation of emirates.
i've been to Oman last summer: everything is different there. there are rules. and regulations. immigrants and locals, but they do the same jobs. people is not discriminated according to their nationality. Omanis work as taxi drivers, shop assistants, managers, cooks, whatever they find. something that is common and logical for me as an Italian (EQUALITY), grew up in a country where Italians are teachers, managers, employees, taxi drivers, street sweeper and garbage collector (and everything else), has no point to exist here.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

La politica ai tempi del colera... si', magari un'epidemia se li portasse via tutti!

aaaahhh, oggi finalmente ho avuto il tempo di chattare un po', con Cristina prima e con la Mongi poi...
e grazie alle mie carissime amiche ho una visione piu' chiara delle assegnazioni dei ministeri in italia.

allego parte della conversazione avuta con la Mongi (spero non me ne voglia... Mongina, se ti da' fastidio dimmelo che deleto il post...)
[3:00:36 PM] Clauds says: allora come va? [3:00:55 PM] Clauds says: voglio sapere TUTTO! [3:00:56 PM] Mongi says: bene..anzi benone...almeno dal punto di visto di vista personale [3:01:04 PM] Mongi says: lasciamo perdere quello generale [3:01:10 PM] Mongi says: questo paese è allo scatafascio [3:01:26 PM] Clauds says: dal punto di vista generale non parliamone please [3:01:38 PM] Mongi: hai visto la formazione del nuovo governo? [3:01:42 PM] Mongi says: rabbrividiamo!
[3:01:46 PM] Clauds says: ho appena finito di bestemmiare con la mia amica cristina sulla situazione politica...
[3:01:46 PM] Mongi says: (puke)
[3:02:05 PM] Mongi says: non tornare clò..non tornare in questo paese di ignoranti
[3:02:06 PM] Clauds says: non ho visto i ministri
[3:02:11 PM] Mongi says: io appena posso corro via
[3:02:40 PM] Clauds says: mi sembra di aver letto la settimana scorsa bossi vicepresidente del consiglio, ma ora cristina mi ha dato delle news raccapriccianti
[3:02:45 PM] Clauds says: bossi alle riforme
[3:02:52 PM] Clauds says: la prestigiacomo all'ambiente
[3:03:03 PM] Mongi says: yes darling
[3:03:12 PM] Clauds says: mara carfagna ministro (di cosa???? probabilmente della CULtura?)
[3:03:25 PM] Mongi says: pari opportunità
[3:03:37 PM] Clauds says: e poi non so perche' mi ha detto che la maggior parte non li conosceva quindi non se li ricordava...
[3:03:44 PM] Mongi says: cultura e beni culturali vanno a...............
[3:03:45 PM] Clauds says: aaaahhh...
[3:03:46 PM] Mongi says: BONDI
[3:03:52 PM] Clauds says: piu' veline per tutti!
[3:03:57 PM] Mongi says: esatto
[3:04:00 PM] Mongi says: cara
[3:04:02 PM] Mongi says: questo è il trend
[3:04:10 PM] Clauds says: altre news?
[3:04:13 PM] Mongi says: chi nasce intelligente sarà immediatamente soppresso
[3:04:32 PM] Clauds says: mmmhhh mi sa che andra' davvero cosi'
[3:04:38 PM] Mongi says: già cara
[3:04:46 PM] Clauds says: dai, ho voglia di farmi del male...
[3:04:49 PM] Mongi says: ok
[3:04:52 PM] Clauds says: dimmi tutto sui ministri
[3:04:55 PM] Mongi says: allora ti elenco i ministri
[3:05:00 PM] Clauds says: grazie
[3:05:01 PM] Mongi says: DIFESA A...........................
[3:05:03 PM] Clauds says: aaahhh
[3:05:05 PM] Mongi says: LA RUSSA
[3:05:07 PM] Clauds says: masochismo
[3:05:10 PM] Mongi says: ESTERI A......................
[3:05:12 PM] Clauds says: ahhh orgasmo
[3:05:14 PM] Mongi says: FRATTINI
[3:05:17 PM] Mongi says: :P
[3:05:21 PM] Mongi says: INTERNI A................
[3:05:22 PM] Clauds says: ancora?
[3:05:24 PM] Mongi says: MARONI
[3:05:47 PM] Mongi says: ECONOMIA..(E QUESTO è UN EVERGREEN)
[3:05:52 PM] Clauds says: tremonti!
[3:05:53 PM] Mongi says: IL SOLITO TREMONTI
[3:05:56 PM] Mongi says: ESATTO
[3:05:59 PM] Clauds says: come godo!
[3:06:23 PM] Mongi says: CALDEROLI (puke)
[3:06:29 PM] Clauds says: scusa l'ignoranza...
[3:06:37 PM] Mongi says: guarda non chiedermi
[3:06:41 PM] Mongi says: di cosa si occupa
[3:06:44 PM] Mongi says: il ministero
[3:06:47 PM] Clauds says: che cos'e' il ministero delle semplificazioni?
[3:06:48 PM] Mongi says: perché non ne ho idea
[3:06:56 PM] Clauds says: ok sorry
[3:07:00 PM] Mongi says: secondo me lo hanno creato ad hoc per lui
[3:07:07 PM] Mongi says: così gli danno il contentino
[3:07:08 PM] Clauds says: probabile
[3:07:21 PM] Mongi says: rapporti con il parlamento a....
[3:07:29 PM] Mongi says: l'ex portavoce del berluska
[3:07:39 PM] Mongi says: non che EX RADICALE STORICO E TRADITORE
[3:07:41 PM] Mongi says: ELIO VITO
[3:07:42 PM] Clauds says: mmmhhhh, letta?
[3:07:50 PM] Clauds says: ah, vito!
[3:07:58 PM] Mongi says: sottosegretario
[3:08:00 PM] Mongi says: alla presidenza
[3:08:22 PM] Mongi says: scuola e università una tale gelmini
[3:08:25 PM] Mongi says: non so chi sia
[3:08:26 PM] Clauds says: ???
[3:08:34 PM] Mongi says: ah...come dimenticarlo
[3:08:41 PM] Mongi says: Brunetta all'innovazione
[3:08:47 PM] Clauds says: lavoro?
[3:08:58 PM] Clauds says: eh beh, innovativo lui!
[3:09:17 PM] Mongi says: boh?
[3:09:35 PM] Mongi says: insomma
[3:09:36 PM] Clauds says: esiste ancora il ministero del lavoro o l'hanno soppresso?
[3:09:48 PM] Mongi says: credo l'abbiamo soppresso e aggregato ad un altro
[3:09:49 PM] Clauds says: magari a causa della disoccupazione...
[3:09:52 PM] Mongi says: ma tanto
[3:09:54 PM] Mongi says: ecco appunto
[3:10:08 PM] Mongi says: che ce ne facciamo di un ministero in un paese dove il lavoro non c'è!
[3:10:11 PM] Clauds says: chi ce l'ha oggigiorno un lavoro in italia?
[3:10:29 PM] Mongi says: si infatti
[3:10:29 PM] Clauds says: voglio dire un lavoro serio, decente e onesto...
[3:10:32 PM] Mongi says: appunto
[3:10:38 PM] Mongi says: è n'à tragedia gina
[3:10:51 PM] Clauds says: me ne so' accorta mongi
[3:11:01 PM] Mongi says: madòòò
[3:11:05 PM] Mongi says: non ho parole
[3:11:10 PM] Mongi says: e poi sti ministri [3:11:16 PM] Mongi says: tutti suoi FEDELISSIMI
[3:11:33 PM] Mongi says: :S
[3:11:34 PM] Clauds says: ma la cosa che mi disgusta di piu' e'
[3:11:41 PM] Clauds says: CHI CAZZO L"HA VOTATO
[3:11:52 PM] Mongi says: lasciamo stare và...è una vergogna
[3:11:58 PM] Clauds says: e co tutti i voti che ha preso
[3:12:04 PM] Clauds says: sto governo non casca...
[3:12:08 PM] Mongi says: e no
[3:12:09 PM] Mongi says: manco morto
[3:12:16 PM] Clauds says: a meno che la lega non faccia qualche exploit
[3:12:20 PM] Mongi says: ha una maggioranza di quasi 100 seggi alla camera
[3:12:24 PM] Clauds says: ma con tutti sti ministeri dubito
[3:12:29 PM] Mongi says: e una 50ina al senato
[3:12:35 PM] Mongi says: ormai hanno le radici
[3:12:42 PM] Mongi says: nooo
[3:12:51 PM] Clauds says: che schifo
[3:12:52 PM] Mongi says: hanno preso troppi voti...ora hanno 4 ministeri
[3:12:57 PM] Clauds says: davvero non ci sono parole
[3:13:00 PM] Mongi says: non esiste che sto giro lo facciano cadere
[3:13:03 PM] Mongi says: già
[3:13:25 PM] Clauds says: e poi roma!
[3:13:29 PM] Mongi says: NO
[3:13:29 PM] Mongi says: AHHHHHH
[3:13:33 PM] Clauds says: ma dico, la destra a roma???
[3:13:34 PM] Mongi says: NON TOCCHIAMO IL TASTO ROMA
[3:13:40 PM] Mongi says: TU NON HAI IDEA
[3:14:04 PM] Mongi says: GLI SQUADRISTI PER STRADA
[3:14:13 PM] Mongi says: E COMPAGNIA BELLA
[3:14:31 PM] Clauds says: la tesi di cristina e' che i romani la prenderanno in culo alla grande con la lega cosi' forte sposteranno un sacco di uffici e ministeri a milano...
[3:14:50 PM] Clauds says: si', i mondiali della cretinaggine
[3:15:25 PM] Mongi says: e dell'ignoranza
[3:15:52 PM] Clauds says: e fermiamoci qui che ce ne sarebbero di termini da usare
[3:16:16 PM] Mongi says: già!senti ma non torni mai nel" bel paese"?
[3:16:37 PM] Clauds says: e per che cosa?
[3:16:43 PM] Clauds says: per deprimermi?
[3:16:50 PM] Mongi says: e che ne so??n'à gitarella
[3:16:54 PM] Clauds says: non che gli emirati siano un paese illuminato...

lo so che sembriamo due sessantenni al bar, comunque il resto e' PRIVATE...

devo assolutamente informarmi e controllare la lista dei ministri!
ma una curiosita' mi e' rimasta: CHE MINCHIA E' IL MINISTERO DELLE SEMPLIFICAZIONI???

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Country forgotten by God... but not by the US troops

Afghanistan should be a very beautiful Country. i don't know why but in the past few years i developed a kind of strange passion for this Country and i've kept myself informed with books, news and movies awaiting the right moment to plan a trip there.
now, i've had the lucky chance to meet many Afghans here in the uae and i've had the even luckier change to get acquainted to them and to have a direct insight on how life here was and still is. today, while i was surfing on the BBC website looking for some news on the Egyptian strike, my eyes have been caught by this article this article and i've had some kind of epiphany.
Minar Jam is a minaret in Western Afghanistan, in the region surrounding the city of Herat.
i remember that i've studied this architectural jewel during the funny lessons of Archeologie Islamique at the Université Paris 1 - Panthèon Sorbonne held by Prof. Alistair Northedge, who used to speak French with a hilarious Scottish accent and show us dias of his travels and excavations (his French is not perfect, but he is an amazing and famous archeologist... and my French is far from being that good too!). [ok, now imagine a Scottish highlander pronouncing "la fenêtre qui penetre" and you'll realize than Sicily and Scotland are not so far...] it is strange to think about these past very good times and the friends abroad with whom is difficult to keep tight links all the time just looking at the picture of a leaning tower in a war-torn Country. and i think it is nice to let people know that there are many beautiful Countries in the world forgotten by travel agencies (but not by the American troops...) with a lot of beauty, culture and kind and welcoming people.
there are 5 national Afghan airlines: i can't wait to book a ticket for my next vacation (one week only, looking forward things getting better...).
books to read: Buskashi by Gino Strada (in Italian) and... is there anyone on earth who didn't read The Kite Runner?

<--- this is Minar Jam in a kilim about
25 years old in Sharjah
Islamic Handicraft Centre

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I believe I can fly....

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away

yes, i believe i can fly...

14.57 (GMT +3): i got THE call!

I can fly
I can fly
I can fly, hey
If I just spread my wings
I can fly

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Il gabbiano - Richard Bach

nessun posto e' lontano.
se volete essere vicino alla persona che amate, forse non ci siete già?

i swear i feel exactly like this after the last message i received.
and i'm flying too. just like jonathan livingstone.

L'ho fatto/I did it/Je l'ai fait

i did it. in the end I DID IT.
and actually i did more.
not only i send an e-mail saying tu me manques, but i also called Him.
just like that. without any particular reason.
just to hear his voice.
just to hear that Youssef is fine and is growing and "quand tu vas venir a paris pour me visiter" and "tu veux que je viens là bas" and "si tu vas prender tes vacances en aout c'est parfait comme ça tu peux venir au mariage de ma soeur: je t'envoie une invitation".
just being stupid.
and i couldn't be more stupid than this.
calling Him!
i should be named the "stupidest" girl in the world...

the worst birthday of my life...

i was so happy that my mom came to stay with me for my 25th birthday last week...
me, before: :-)
me, after: :-(
she was able to do all those things in one day:
1. getting lost in abu dhabi without her mobile phone and without any knowledge of even one word in english (forget about arabic/urdu/hindi): i swear i was already thinking about receiving a call from a taxi driver asking for a ransom to have my mom back (i know i'm paranoid, but under this blanket of peacefullness many things are going on in the uae...);
2. getting worried for hours hearing that my brother got chicken pox (c'mon he's 19!!!);
3. going crazy till the day after suspecting that her credit card had been taken from someone in the hotel and then cloned;
4. calling italy for half a day trying to reach the customer care service of her bank to check the account on saturday afternoon;
5. keeping me home after i proposed to go having dinner outside in a nice restaurant;
6. starting crazy discussions about going back to italy and finding a job there and/or finishing my master degree (not only as a birthday gift, actually she did it for one week...).
but in the end my birthday was nothing but perfect just 'cause she was there with me and she took the time to come to visit me for these wonderful 7 days.
by the way: her credit card is fine and nobody touched it or cloned it! SIMPLY CRAZY ;-P
by the way #2: thanx to everyone for the birthday wishes...