Thursday, April 3, 2008


22nd-29 April.

Italian Elections

three days ago, i received a blank e-mail from my brother containing a link to You Tube...
the subject was "lol", so i didn't know what he was talking about and i checked the link.
well, i got on the official hymn of "Popolo della Liberta'" (the recycled italian right-wing party, led by silvio berlusconi) for the upcoming elections of 13th-14th april. the title of this masterpiece (and the main refrain) says "Menomale che Silvio c'e'" (which in english sounds more or less like "Thank God there is Silvio" - Berlusconi, of course!) and the video shows carpenters, teachers, students, taxi drivers, young call-centres employees and other kinds of workers being happy and smiling and thanking God for having given italy someone like silvio berlusconi.
i wonder why there are no lawyers and/or public prosecutors in this video! (check on the net if you can find some information in english on his trials for corruption and other nice stuff - even maphia... maybe on You Tube there is still an old episode of the american tv show "Grand Angle" about his power: very interesting!)
1) how can someone be happy and smile (especially call-centres employees earning 500 euros per months illegally) and live in italy? do they understand how this guy fucked our country? (of course i'm not talking about people in the video: i guess they got paid for it, i hope they were not volunteers! but there still are millions of italians following and trusting this guy...)
2) i am disgusted from him, his party, his collaborators and his politics. and actually i'm disgusted from italian politics in general: the left-wing is boneless, that's why he has all this power.
i swear that i'm sorry, but "i have to admit" that he is clever.
but this does not make him a good man anyway.
p.s.: click on the post title to check the video "Menomale che Silvio c'e'"... lol?


i'm sure that somehow i will find someone somewhere. somewhen... (December 6, 2007)

Everyone is Special

everyone is special. and for me, all the guys i met were special. because it was not only sex. because i loved every single one of them. for my whole life. for two years. for three months. for five days. for one night. for fifteen minutes. even for one second which meant a lot to me.
i don't care about the appearance. if i like someone it's because there is something in his mind that i find attractive.
and for everyone of them i have a little madeleine.
but i'm not gonna mention all my madeleines, for the simple reason that some are too important to be talked about. or because i don't feel like.
JJ = Salvador Allende's posters hung on the walls.
Rash aka "the nameless" = Huge sad black eyes even while smiling.
Nour = His daughter's picture.
Game = Talking on folding camping chairs in Mina Zayed at 4 AM.
Firas = An annoying voice.
Fabio = A Lebanese face with a Pisan accent.
Musa = A positive HIV test.
Il Sudan = British accent. And a swimming pool in the night.
Antonio = A beautiful mind hidden behind a rude behaviour.
Mohamed #3 = An empty room.
(December 5, 2007)

Islands & Bridges

men are islands. but it's like in Venice: islands have bridges to be connected to each other and don't drift away. so you cannot disconnect men from the others as you cannot disconnect facts and feelings which are linked to two or more people.
sad black eyes.
sweet smile.
brown skin.
childlike figure.
red&black-striped t-shirt.
desire-speedy heartbeat-dumbness-suspiciousness-lust-disgust-relax-speedy heartbeat #2-hope-anger-happiness-care-growing affection-happiness again-exploding love-sadness-missing someone-sadness-sadness-sadness-change-doubt-speedy heartbeat #3-sadness-hope-the most hopeful hope ever-a rat in your brain-driiin! the telephone rings-anger-infinite sadness.
here for you a sample list of facts/feelings which still bridge over two islands going toward the open sea of life: we don't have anyone to care about anymore.
we just have now memories of a beauty spot hidden by the smile and of buffy 70s hair. omani eyebrows and peach bath foam. sweaty bedsheets and chocolate boxes.
my loneliness and his friends.
(December 4, 2007)

Basic needs

donno... need something. anything.
it's strange. i didn't realize before that i'm someone very weak, who always needs something to be fine.
and i don't mean money or dresses or a nice car. i just mean some basic feeling... al-hamdu li-Llah i have some good friends, but what i really need is having someone to care about and who cares about me. a sort of exchange of favours... mmmh, it sounds business...
(December 1, 2007)

Thank God is Friday!

it's a quiet sunny friday on Hamdan Street. sometimes i feel this city could be beautiful. in the early morning, with the fog dripping, or during the week-end, when none is in the street and all the people enjoys his free time with the family at Lulu Island or in the malls. and it's beautiful when you can still hear the birds singing although the jungle of cars and skyscrapers. this is amazing. sometimes you can see a small bunch of grass breaking the tar and coming out to remind you that there is life everywhere, even under the dead petroleum cover.
(November 23, 2007)