Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From the magnetic archive of Miss Clauds C.

i know. i know why.

i had an epiphany and i finally know what makes me think of Mr. K. all the time.
it is not the magic, as he calls it all the time. it is something deeper. it's a dream i've never fulfilled till now.

when i was 13 i read Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo (translated in english as Jack Frusciante ha left the band) and it suddenly became one of my favourite books of the teenage period - then replaced by Cien Años de Soledad - for some reasons.
actually it was a kind of cult book for most of my generation and i discovered lately that it has been translated in so many languages that people from all around the world who crossed my way during all these years have read it and appreciated it.
it is a kind of modern fairy tale and the story is something that can be easily related to many people: the words, feelings, images coming to life from this novel are something that every youth can enjoy no matter the nationality and experiences in life.

so, he is the one who's letting me feel living this novel right now, 12 years after i've read the book and dreamt of a story like Alex and Heidi's.
he is the one quoting the fox in Le Petit Prince for me, taming me, making me want to kiss him and at the same time being afraid of doing it and ruin the perfect plot.

but 12 years after, teenage novels without kisses and sex don't work anymore. this is not what the audience expects now...

Da guardare!!!!!!!!

ecco qui cosa vi siete persi se non avete visto la puntata di Blob di sabato scorso... ma perche' dobbiamo sempre pensare che tutti siano disonesti come noi? se non si apre il link al sito della rai, ecco dove trovare il video della telecronaca di olanda-romania su youtube: