Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smell Like Teen Spirit

it's 00.39 and i just came home.
actually not… that's only partially true since i've spent the all day at home hand-washing about 10 kilos of clothes and i went out only at 11.33, after my mum called me. i ate and then i just had a tour to discover the smells of my old days in Abu Dhabi (a kind of life i'm not in anymore).
i'm always amazed at how human mind works: for example, for me smells are as much evocative as sounds and sights (and sometimes even more…). and i don't know if it is related to some kind of childhood experiences or maybe prenatal or maybe even "past lives" we lived and we are not aware of. lately, every time that i go for the italian lesson and i pass by laura's home, where i used to live in my first three months in the emirates, the smell of freshly brewed coffee remind me of those days (even if little changes have undergone in the area, i associate that period to the smell of that coffee).
this evening, i wanted to check if the same would happen for other places. so i walked off to Al Salama Hospital's signal, i turned left on Al Ferdous Street and started to smell the air. nothing. i reached the end of the street and, at Capitol Hotel, i turned left again on Mina Road. still nothing. only the smell of the sea, so similar to the smell of the Adriatic Sea and so different at the same time. the smell of the sea here is somehow less marine than in my place: probably it has to do with the massive urban development the city is facing. skyscrapers. fake islands. harbours. Corniche reshaping. walking with my nose in the air i arrived to the building where my friend jonas used to live… so i turned back not to start being romantic and missing those nice moments i had with him and barbarella. probably the best friends i have had in this place (together with alessia). for sure the healthiest.

i don't know. i don't feel well. i'm tired and fed up.

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