Monday, July 7, 2008

C'est la vie!

this morning at 10.33 (abu dhabi time) i received a call from A., who's in kabul at the moment.

clauds: so, how are you?
A.: fine, fine. i tried to call you earlier. i didn't sleep so well last night...
clauds: yeah, i've seen your call.
A. (very natural): this morning there was a suicide bomber at the indian embassy, which is 5 minutes far from my home...
clauds (dumbstruck): oh!
A. (amused): yeah! a lot of people got killed today!
clauds (shocked): oh my god! you told me it was pretty safe now... and now you are just telling me there was a suicide bomber attack just 5 minutes away from you home.
A.: come on, we got nothing going on here now!
clauds (perplexed): what do you mean?
A.: i mean, with all the problems we have, why the ministry of interior should bother with the indian embassy?
clauds: ok, i guess you know the situation more then i do...
A.: yes, don't worry. take care.
clauds: YOU take care!