Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Au revoir!

i didn't know. i knew He was sick but i din't know he died. i didn't know He died on sunday. i've read it today in a newspaper and i want to share it.

stupid title by the way: egypt - funeral for film director (He was the most important director in the arab world and won prizes to all the most important film festivals in the world and they liquidate him with a brief column without mentioning even one of his great movies...).

"Egyptian screen stars were among around 1,500 mourners who gathered at a Cairo church yesterday to bid farewell to Arab cinema's most celebrated director, Youssef Chahine, who died on Sunday aged 82.
Hundreds of celebrities and officials were crammed into the Roman Catholic Church of the Resurrection, with hundreds more gathered outside as the controversial director's coffin was carried in, draped in the Egyptian flag.
His protege and colleague Khaled Youssef, who co-directed Chahine's latest film 'Chaos' in 2007, was among the pall bearers."

for whom doesn't know Chahine's work, i truly suggest you to watch "Iskandariyah Leh?" (en: "Alexandria Why?"): i love this movie - actually it is part of a trilogy but for me it's the best one - and i'm not the only one ;-)
(you know i'm talking to YOU!)

and a last thing: mubarak, eat your heart out! there will not be all this crowd of mourners at your funeral...