Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another chance

ok. life always gives us another chance. the problem is that we don't know if it's better than what we experienced before or not. i'm sorry. i'm a little cynical. and drunk. because when you are drunk you always do the right thing. ok, c'mon, not always. i made so many mistakes just 'cause i was drunk. like loving a guy who fucked me up in a country i hate. but this is another story. actually i don't aim talking about rashid (oh, shit! i've pronounced his name!), but about all the guys i've known (especially in abu dhabi. oh, shit! i said the name of the place i'm living in!). 'cause guys are all the same. after a while they just throw you out of their life as a used kleenex. (November 22, 2007)