Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Country forgotten by God... but not by the US troops

Afghanistan should be a very beautiful Country. i don't know why but in the past few years i developed a kind of strange passion for this Country and i've kept myself informed with books, news and movies awaiting the right moment to plan a trip there.
now, i've had the lucky chance to meet many Afghans here in the uae and i've had the even luckier change to get acquainted to them and to have a direct insight on how life here was and still is. today, while i was surfing on the BBC website looking for some news on the Egyptian strike, my eyes have been caught by this article this article and i've had some kind of epiphany.
Minar Jam is a minaret in Western Afghanistan, in the region surrounding the city of Herat.
i remember that i've studied this architectural jewel during the funny lessons of Archeologie Islamique at the Université Paris 1 - Panthèon Sorbonne held by Prof. Alistair Northedge, who used to speak French with a hilarious Scottish accent and show us dias of his travels and excavations (his French is not perfect, but he is an amazing and famous archeologist... and my French is far from being that good too!). [ok, now imagine a Scottish highlander pronouncing "la fenêtre qui penetre" and you'll realize than Sicily and Scotland are not so far...] it is strange to think about these past very good times and the friends abroad with whom is difficult to keep tight links all the time just looking at the picture of a leaning tower in a war-torn Country. and i think it is nice to let people know that there are many beautiful Countries in the world forgotten by travel agencies (but not by the American troops...) with a lot of beauty, culture and kind and welcoming people.
there are 5 national Afghan airlines: i can't wait to book a ticket for my next vacation (one week only, looking forward things getting better...).
books to read: Buskashi by Gino Strada (in Italian) and... is there anyone on earth who didn't read The Kite Runner?

<--- this is Minar Jam in a kilim about
25 years old in Sharjah
Islamic Handicraft Centre