Thursday, April 3, 2008

Islands & Bridges

men are islands. but it's like in Venice: islands have bridges to be connected to each other and don't drift away. so you cannot disconnect men from the others as you cannot disconnect facts and feelings which are linked to two or more people.
sad black eyes.
sweet smile.
brown skin.
childlike figure.
red&black-striped t-shirt.
desire-speedy heartbeat-dumbness-suspiciousness-lust-disgust-relax-speedy heartbeat #2-hope-anger-happiness-care-growing affection-happiness again-exploding love-sadness-missing someone-sadness-sadness-sadness-change-doubt-speedy heartbeat #3-sadness-hope-the most hopeful hope ever-a rat in your brain-driiin! the telephone rings-anger-infinite sadness.
here for you a sample list of facts/feelings which still bridge over two islands going toward the open sea of life: we don't have anyone to care about anymore.
we just have now memories of a beauty spot hidden by the smile and of buffy 70s hair. omani eyebrows and peach bath foam. sweaty bedsheets and chocolate boxes.
my loneliness and his friends.
(December 4, 2007)

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