Thursday, April 3, 2008

Everyone is Special

everyone is special. and for me, all the guys i met were special. because it was not only sex. because i loved every single one of them. for my whole life. for two years. for three months. for five days. for one night. for fifteen minutes. even for one second which meant a lot to me.
i don't care about the appearance. if i like someone it's because there is something in his mind that i find attractive.
and for everyone of them i have a little madeleine.
but i'm not gonna mention all my madeleines, for the simple reason that some are too important to be talked about. or because i don't feel like.
JJ = Salvador Allende's posters hung on the walls.
Rash aka "the nameless" = Huge sad black eyes even while smiling.
Nour = His daughter's picture.
Game = Talking on folding camping chairs in Mina Zayed at 4 AM.
Firas = An annoying voice.
Fabio = A Lebanese face with a Pisan accent.
Musa = A positive HIV test.
Il Sudan = British accent. And a swimming pool in the night.
Antonio = A beautiful mind hidden behind a rude behaviour.
Mohamed #3 = An empty room.
(December 5, 2007)

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