Monday, August 18, 2008

A Modest Proposal - English

since "someone" (GRAZIE!) was very active regarding the "Modest Proposal" i wrote on the blog a couple of weeks ago (link in italiano) i am compelled to post the proposal in english too, for her english-speaking friends' usage...

well, the idea is very simple: it is about sending books to Afghanistan.
i talked already with the afghan ambassador in the uae and i will try to get some contacts with NGOs based in the country and with the italian embassy in kabul.
but at this stage i think the most important thing is understanding who's in.

therefore, let me explain briefly the steps:
- whoever has books in farsi or pashto and would like to donate them to afghan schools is welcome;
- whoever has books in english (especially about any kind of engineering, architecture, medicine, IT, history and art) and would like to donate them is also welcome;
- whoever would like to donate some money to buy books and/or school material (notebooks, pens, pencils, maps and so on) is also welcome;
- whoever would like to "spread the word" among his/her friends is also welcome and i will post later a banner made by Luca
(GRAZIE!) to promote the initiative: feel free to add it on your blog!

if you are interested, you can leave a comment or contact me by e-mail ( to show your support.

as soon as we'll have enough people involved i will prepare a list of people and locations and i will be back to you with some actions we can arrange.

for whoever decides to make a donation, i will send you a receipt of what has been bought with your money (better: i will post it online so everybody can see we are not stealing... even if i'm italian ;-P ).

feel free to add your suggestions in the comment space.

thank you. danke shoen. gracias. merci. shukran. shukria. tashakkor. grazie!

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