Thursday, May 1, 2008

the worst birthday of my life...

i was so happy that my mom came to stay with me for my 25th birthday last week...
me, before: :-)
me, after: :-(
she was able to do all those things in one day:
1. getting lost in abu dhabi without her mobile phone and without any knowledge of even one word in english (forget about arabic/urdu/hindi): i swear i was already thinking about receiving a call from a taxi driver asking for a ransom to have my mom back (i know i'm paranoid, but under this blanket of peacefullness many things are going on in the uae...);
2. getting worried for hours hearing that my brother got chicken pox (c'mon he's 19!!!);
3. going crazy till the day after suspecting that her credit card had been taken from someone in the hotel and then cloned;
4. calling italy for half a day trying to reach the customer care service of her bank to check the account on saturday afternoon;
5. keeping me home after i proposed to go having dinner outside in a nice restaurant;
6. starting crazy discussions about going back to italy and finding a job there and/or finishing my master degree (not only as a birthday gift, actually she did it for one week...).
but in the end my birthday was nothing but perfect just 'cause she was there with me and she took the time to come to visit me for these wonderful 7 days.
by the way: her credit card is fine and nobody touched it or cloned it! SIMPLY CRAZY ;-P
by the way #2: thanx to everyone for the birthday wishes...

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