Tuesday, April 15, 2008

At least...


it's 23.22 and i've just finished reading Girls of Riyadh and i'm happy with it. i swear in these 2 days i couldn't stop from reading it and having contrasting feelings about it.
i advice reading it to all girls thinking that they are the ones who have been hurt… at least we have a word to say about our future husbands. at least we can choose and marry someone that we love. at least we have the right to make mistakes and be hurt on our own behalf.
i have been Gamrah, who loves someone who's cheating on her while being married to her and has no guts to tell her. i have been Michelle, refused by the family of her beloved because she's not a real Saudi, because her mom is American, because she doesn't come from a famous tribe, basically because she's strong, independent and unconventional. i have been (and probably still being) Sadeem, waiting ages for a man who at the end drop her not to break the conventions of society and not to ruin his political career. but i'm still dreaming that this man will rise once and would tell me that he loves me… Insha'llah.
i hope i will be Lamees, who finds and marries her real love and is perfectly satisfied from her life with him. Period.
Nothing else matters.

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