Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another chance

ok. life always gives us another chance. the problem is that we don't know if it's better than what we experienced before or not. i'm sorry. i'm a little cynical. and drunk. because when you are drunk you always do the right thing. ok, c'mon, not always. i made so many mistakes just 'cause i was drunk. like loving a guy who fucked me up in a country i hate. but this is another story. actually i don't aim talking about rashid (oh, shit! i've pronounced his name!), but about all the guys i've known (especially in abu dhabi. oh, shit! i said the name of the place i'm living in!). 'cause guys are all the same. after a while they just throw you out of their life as a used kleenex. (November 22, 2007)

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clauds said...

i receive from my friend Kareem and post:

Claudia or Clauds,
You have never told me about this matter before , I know what Guys think about a woman , but not all guys like this guy you met in AbuDhabi ,, you should not be negative , you learn every day something new in this life ,, and don't worry ,, there are also Girls who are doing the same thing to us Guys ,, but we carry on , and don't turn back to these issues , as the life is much bigger than thinking about single things happened ,,, as I told you before when we met in Egypt and as always I will tell you " rise up " " Tirati Su " which means ( Don't Worry & be happy ) you have a beatiful smile and you are beatiful just think before you go deep in a relasionship with someone ,,, it's hard to face the Reality ,, but it's your turn to take it as it is , and proceed your life , and try to correct the mistakes and go on ,, life is going and will not come back
You know me , and you know where I live , and you know which kind of problems I faced , and I will face
But I am going on , and hope that everything will be OK for me and every one
Don't be Sad ,, and next time when we will meet I don't want you to be in this situation , as we will have fun and fun only
take care --- TVTTTB SM