Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Il prezzo della cultura

on saturday evening i've bought 2 books in Abu Dhabi Co-Op: an old novel by V.S.Naipaul (i've loved his books Beyond Beliefs and The Suffrage of Elvira!) and a kind of essay about how chance affected the results of many battles and wars (from the Horse of Troy to the Gulf War in 1991).

i need to read. actually i should read more: last week i've finished a very good novel, Absurdistan, but before that it was at least one month that i didn't read a real book.

all i've been reading lately were tips and samples on "how to build a successful marketing plan" and academic papers on the health sector in the UAE and on Al Ain city. "i have to admit" that it helped me a lot in my work, but i'm not that keen in sales&marketing.

i prefer literature... any suggestion about must-read books?

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